Prudence! at the disco (panithurman) wrote in liverpool_fc,
Prudence! at the disco


"Now let's go and win the Cup."
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I cant wait - i am so going to book it off work and if i cant i will pull a sicky same with the world cup final.

I so thought i was going to have a heart attack with Chelsea dominating in the last 5 mins

I hope we get West Ham but Middlesbrough will be ok to - hopefully we go and win the cup
we surely will!
we bet Chelsea in semi-final last CL and we got the Cup after that so that was a good sign, I hope!

P.S. I'm so glad that someone visited my community! thank you!
Thats ok - u know there is another Liverpool FC community - if u look on my friends page it will be there
nice community, I joined it!
thank you once again :)
That is ok i am glad to help out another liverpool fan. where do u watch the game? I had watched it on the BBC in my house on my own - no of my university friends like football only one supports Liverpool but he had to work :-( so i watched it on my own but i did have my flat mate who hates football watched most of it he saw the last to goals i do not think he was intrested though .

I am trying to get tickets to the final i do not think i will i tried to get tickets to the Chelsea game but i could not get some you can not even get tickets to see Liverpool at home.
I'm watching the matches on BBC too, i can't find another sight, but i don't like BBC, the comments there appear so slow! so i just go crazy, wondering what's going on on the pitch! :( and i was on my own as always. and noone from my friends like football as well :( so i understand you! :)

you'll be so lucky if you get the tickets, but i'm afraid they all were bought by Chelsea fans in the beginning of the season, 'cause they must have been sure that Chelsea would win the FA cup :))
They went on sale a few week before the game but u had to be a season ticket holder to get them. I do not mind the BBC
I don't mind them eather, but still i'd like them to post their comments a little faster!
is your city far away from Liverpool?
I guess so what anoys me is that they alway zoom in on the player with the ball so when they do a long pass you have no idea why and who it is going to. Preston is an hours train ride away form Liverpool and then is a short bus ride to Anfiled
lucky you... :)

by way, i like your avatar, so sweet!