Can't I just quit? (chique) wrote in liverpool_fc,
Can't I just quit?

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Aight, folks, convince me.

I live in Minnesota. No, it's ok, I know you don't know where that is and that's cool. Suffice to say that I've suffered through season after season after season of my professional teams CHOKING. HARD.


But over the past couple of years a Saints fan has gotten me hooked on this beautiful game and since they're relegated we ...ok, HE...decided I need a premiership team to follow.

Now. He thinks I should follow a Champions League team, which I understand - get a broader, non-English view of the game. I'm all right with that. Only Champions league this season is Chelsea and Man U (who wants to follow the money? Please.), Liverpool, and Arsenal. Well, Arsenal is his second team, so I can't go that way - what's the fun?

Rooting for a "winning" team doesn't sit quite right with me, though. It's like being a Dallas Cowboys fan in the 80s - EVERYone was a Dallas fan, even if they didn't know a touchdown from a field goal. Do you see my issues here? I'm thinking I'd be better off a Spurs fan, or Wigan - a team that bobbles around, is generally thought of as good, but consistently provokes heart attacks in its fans. And isn't Aston Villa, which should be a car make.

So tell me why I should - or shouldn't! - root for your side and help out a newbie.
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