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Alonso transfer deal

 ok, to be honest, this couldn't have come at a worst time. we have a week to get a replacement and hope to god he settles in fast.
besides, I'm sure the guys couldn't have taken it well, I mean they've worked together for 5 years been through good and bad times, and now that they are close to the title he bails? 
He's gonna regret this. I love Xabi and I wish him all the best but I know that he won't like it in real madrid; 1st their fans suck! if you don't get the results they want then they shun you, they are nothing like LFC fans.

We have always had his back even when it was almost certain he was leaving we stuck by him because he' one of ours. So yeah, he's gonna have it rough in Madrid and I wish him all the best but I have a gut feeling that this is a choice he's gonna regret...
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